Our Story

We’re off-putting, and unconventional. You may not like all the individuals writing this, but our work pushes boundaries and changes how we view the world. Many pieces we include are focused on smaller, daily activities, but we believe these are the foundations of the future. Not all art is big. Much of it can be found in our daily lives. Our goal is to showcase both in a compassionate and challenging way. Our hope is we are creating the future we want.

Eric J. Cintrón (He/Him)


Eric J. Cintron (He/Him) is a Brooklyn native, artifact collector, master of the dark arts, comic book nerd, sci-fi nerd, and believe’s that shooting your shot is a lost art form. When not lurking on Twitter I can be found in the park near you enjoying a cold one and a book.

Visola Wurzer (She/Her)


Visola Wurzer (she/her) is a freelance grant writer and editor living in Brooklyn. She holds an MFA in creative writing from City College and her work appears in Bowery Gothic, NanoCrit, Turnstyle Reading Series, Queer Conventions, and Sympathetic Ink. When she isn’t writing, she can be found practicing multiple forms of Kung Fu or sipping a nice tea with her cat.