Fuck Around Questions (FAQs)


WTF is this? 

It’s a website located at fuckyounext.com for your browsing pleasure. 


Okay, got it, but really, what is this? 

Oh, we hear you. We’re not totally sure, but we heard it’s a fuck around and find out year, so here we are. 

Where we are is in NYC, if that is any help. We’re hoping this is the collective work of writers, artists, musicians and anyone else looking to push boundaries (not buttons, calm your fingers).

 Just pretend we added a meaningful truism here and watch our editors banter while drinking when the podcast goes up later. 


But why all the cursing? 

Why the fuck not? Has your mother never heard you curse? Maybe this isn’t for you. 


So, what are you fucking around with here? 

I think that’s a wrap on our first FAQ. Thanks for coming. Send us a message if you want to contribute. 


I’m an artist interested in this project. Can I send you things? 

Sure, it better be good though. We only play with good things. 



This is our first issue. We’re pulling NYC artists together to build a magazine focused on how we’re thriving as a fuck you to everything because we have that big NYC energy. We’ll primarily be online, but will have print editions as well. Our goal is to be able to pay artists and we’re still working out a few of those details. Our email form for submissions is here.